Idle Boxing Tycoon

In addition to our forte in fitness simulation games, we also try our hand at fitness tycoon. With the aim of creating a dynamic gym world, we also help players understand the power of community management.

This is a game that helps players exercise their intelligence, practice business acumen and raise health awareness in a great way.

About project
Project overview

Welcome to the ultimate place for improving your boxing skills and strength. Not only will you become the strongest boxer, but you’ll also get to build your dream training ground for other sports enthusiasts. Unlike other idle gym tycoon games, this one offers a true competitive experience through intense rounds against challengers, as well as the ability to upgrade your appearance with items from the sportsman’s warehouse. Become a true king of the boxing world with this game

Scope of work

In Idle Boxing Tycoon, you’ll take on the role of a gym manager, tasked with finding ways to upgrade the facilities and attract people to practice boxing. The gyms are designed with exercises specifically related to this sport, to help practitioners become skilled fighters. With challenging upgrade levels for both the gym as a whole and individual exercises, this game promises a rewarding challenge for aspiring managers

The result
Idle Boxing Tycoon all exercises that you can think of

Come join us in building a gym for boxing champions and enjoy the best exercises and high-quality upgrades. Let’s make this a really fun and rewarding experience!

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