Idle Gym Life 3D!

Workout, transform your body and advance the storyline! Get stronger day by day to become the world’s strongest man in this exciting game!

About project
Project overview

Idle Gym Life 3D is a game that emphasizes visual storytelling through body transformation. As players complete various exercises, they can increase the muscular growth of their character and work towards becoming the strongest man in the world. As they progress through the levels, they can discover their true selves while advancing the storyline.

Scope of work

Idle Gym Life 3D is an idle game that aims to provide realistic and familiar exercises, creating an addictive and motivating gameplay experience. Players follow the main character as they work out in various special environments, increasing their strength and earning money while fighting bad guys. Our goal in creating Idle Gym Life 3D is to show players the benefits of working out, through the process of the main character growing bigger and stronger as they progress through the game. We want to inspire players to strive towards their own goals, just as the main character works towards theirs.

The result
Idle Gym Life 3D! all exercises that you can think of

Become the world’s strongest man in Idle Gym Life 3D! This idle simulation game features addictive gameplay and a compelling story as you take on a variety of exercises, ranging from easy to challenging. Follow the journey of a boy as he works towards becoming the strongest man in the world. With over 5 million downloads on the Play Store and 1 million on the App Store, Idle Gym Life 3D is a popular and well-received game

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