Idle Workout Master

Leg, arm, abs workouts and more, all exercises that you can think of are here at Idle Workout Master, helping you beat all of the strongest MMA fighters

About project
Project overview

EZ Games presents Idle Workout Master, a fitness simulation game that aims to raise user health awareness through a combination of entertainment and health-promoting features. This game marks the first step in our goal of creating a series of health-focused games in the future

Scope of work

In Workout Master, players take on the role of Nick as they guide him on a journey to become a professional boxing player. The game features a professional gym system with exercises ranging from basic to advanced, designed based on real-life training methods and research. As players work with Nick to build up his muscles and skills, they can join him in his exciting journey to become a Workout Master.

The result
Idle Workout Master all exercises that you can think of

Highlighted achievement

  • 13M+ Download on the globe
  • Always at the top of the list of the best Health & Fitness games
  • R1 reached 45% from the launch stage and still maintains this ratio after 2 years of development
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