Derivative Outstation 1.1.9
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Project overview

Derivative Outstation 119 – DO 119 is proudly claimed as EZ Games’ very first open-world game.

Set in 100 years in the future, players get to control their unique residents and explore a world that has changed drastically from what we know today. In this near future, one of the most fundamental resources, oxygen, has become incredibly scarce and hard to obtain. One company managed to create a technology for oxygen creation that, while still scarce, could provide most people with enough.

Cut to today, that company operates a business that allows the entire population of the outstation to live. They control everything. They control life. They control you.

Gameplay Sneak Peek

The third person camera will allow you to explore the world, take in everything around you and view the fashion choices/disguises you wear to fit in in each of the sectors.

Driving is also an important part of the game. You will be able to not only drive around the city to get from place to place but also sign up for breathtaking races.

DO 119 also involves play-to-earn experience.

That is as far as we can say at this moment. The game is still in production, so stay tuned.

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