Idle Yoga Tycoon: Fitness Center

The joyful and soothing feeling of yoga meets satisfaction of tycoon management

About project
Project overview

In Idle Yoga Tycoon, you get to manage your own yoga empire. Your goal is to spread the practice of meditation to all of your customers. You can do this by improving your Hatha room, making your Aerial Yoga class more appealing, hiring and promoting coaches, or even inviting celebrities to your center. The ultimate goal is to grow both the size and quality of your yoga business

Scope of work

In Idle Yoga Tycoon, players get to experience the feeling of accomplishment while enjoying a relaxing, yoga-focused atmosphere. As an idle tycoon game, players will manage their own yoga empire, earning money to unlock new yoga poses and improve their facilities. The ultimate goal is to create a thriving business while maintaining a calming and peaceful atmosphere

The result
Idle Yoga Tycoon: Fitness Center‚Äč all exercises that you can think of

Build your own yoga empire in Idle Yoga Tycoon, a fun and relaxing game with addictive gameplay. Experience the satisfaction of creating and managing your own business, all while enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of yoga

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